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Meet Your Library Ambassadors: Laura and Nicole

Library Ambassadors volunteer at events held within Rod Library and promote library resources to current and prospective students at browsing fairs and other university-related events across campus. These Library Ambassadors play an important part in helping students get the most out of Rod Library's many resources, and we’re glad to introduce them to you. In these weeks winding down to midterm, we would like to introduce two of our Library Ambassadors: Laura and Nicole.

Laura Welsh

Laura riding a golf cart Laura is a gerontology major and family services and ethics minor. This is her second year as a Library Ambassador and is glad to be an advocate for students’ opinions and needs during their college experience. Her most memorable moment as an ambassador is when she got to drive the library golf cart with Julie Ann, the leader of the Library Ambassador program, to the WRC to meet prospective Panthers at an open house: “It was freezing, but we were laughing so hard it kept us warm!”​

When asked about the role Rod Library has played in her undergraduate experience, Laura said it has been a helpful tool in expanding her education outside of the classroom: “The stacks always have another book I can read to fully grasp concepts more in-depth.” She says one thing that has been helpful to her is that “there is a librarian attached to each major. I meet with mine to learn more about databases that specifically cater to my major, talk about potential research ideas, and how to make the most out of my time at UNI.”

Laura’s dedication as an ambassador has been apparent to Julie Ann, the Library Ambassador program leader: “It is amazing the love for libraries that our ambassadors have, especially Laura. She is an original member of the program and has offered service in spite of her busy schedule as a graduating senior. Laura brings a genuine perspective to the group with the ability to be courteous and informative with everyone. Part of the experience of the program is for people to build on their strengths through example. Laura helps at Panther Days which includes talking to prospective students and families about UNI and Rod Library. Her enthusiasm is so contagious at these events that people navigate to the library's table to hear her talk. One can only imagine what she says in the classrooms. You will be missed, Laura.”

Being a Library Ambassador is also about teamwork. Laura’s understanding of this is clear: “We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Alone, we may not be able to do much, but together we can do great things for our University and community.”

Nicole Bishop

Nicole is a chemistry major, and this is her second year as a Library Ambassador. As an ambassador, she helps facilitate connections between the library and the student body to better assist students the community: “I really enjoy spending time in the library and when the opportunity to become more involved presented itself, I jumped on it!” Nicole also says, “Sharing information about the library is important because it is a great resource...it also has great ways to add to your college experience.”

When asked about Nicole’s role as an ambassador, Julie Ann was eager to share: “Nicole is one of the original members of the Library Ambassadors program and is an asset who will be missed after her graduation. Most Thursday nights Nicole can be seen, or heard, in the Book Bistro playing board games with the Northern Iowa Gaming Collective. Because of her love for board games, she volunteers at Bash in the Stacks and introduces games to new students. Ask her about the board game, Exploding Kittens.”

Theresa Westbrock, Associate University Librarian, said that she saw Nicole at UNI Day at the Capitol: "I could hear a group talking about football. Then, someone said, 'Did you know about the UNI football films digitization project in University Archives at Rod Library?’ There was Nicole, representing McCollum Hall and speaking on behalf of Rod Library."

Nicole’s take on Rod Library is that it has great resources: “I have had the opportunity to meet with my department’s librarian, Ann Marie Gruber; she has been incredibly helpful in showing people how to properly manipulate available research databases as well as providing information on how to make research posters. People are willing to help you and will bend over backward to do so--you just need to ask!”

Special thanks go to these two, great Library Ambassadors. Stay tuned to hear about more in the future!


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