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UNI ScholarWorks Hits Half a Million Downloads

Posted 03/11/2019



Since its formation in February 2015, UNI ScholarWorks has been collecting, preserving, and making research, creative and scholarly output from the University of Northern Iowa Community available to the world. UNI ScholarWorks has had a substantial impact on faculty and students at UNI, and we are pleased to announce that UNI ScholarWorks has recently surpassed half a million downloads worldwide. Here are just a few voices from the community who have benefited from the success of UNI ScholarWorks:Lynn Tackett

“UNI ScholarWorks has allowed my undergraduate research to be viewed by people from around the world. Having my research available for professors at prospective colleges for graduate studies helped immensely when meeting for interviews as they have had a chance to view what I have produced as an undergraduate student when considering me for a potential student.” - Lyn Tackett

Lyn Tackett is a senior graduating in May of 2019 with a major in anthropology and a minor in plant biology. She is a McNair Scholar and the winner of the 2018 Mary Ann Bolton Undergraduate Research Award for her paper, “Tracing Ancient Healing Practices through the Hibiscus.” This paper is accessible on ScholarWorks and has received over 200 downloads since it was made available. Lyn’s faculty advisor for the paper, Dr. Julie Kang, an Associate Professor of Biology, also commented on ScholarWorks’ utility as a strong academic resource:Julie Kang

“UNI ScholarWorks is fundamental in showcasing the research and accomplishments of UNI students in the McNair Scholars Program. Lyn Tackett’s research ‘Tracing Ancient Healing Practices through the Hibiscus’, has received an increased number of downloads due to its availability and dissemination through this repository. UNI Scholarworks is an invaluable resource for members of the university and supporting community.” -Dr. Julie Kang

More praise for ScholarWorks comes from Dr. Jessica Moon, director of the University Honors Program. Dr. Moon works with students completing research to receive honors recognition at graduation. These students are able to put their work onto UNI ScholarWorks, and Jessica has seen the exceptional potential for growth from this opportunity:Jessica Moon

“UNI ScholarWorks has provided our honors students with an easily accessible platform to share their senior thesis work. Each student can distribute their unique URL and personalized page to prospective employers, graduate schools, and others interested in examples of the high-quality learning experiences our students engage in at UNI. It has been rewarding to see the high number of downloads and worldwide readership for honors thesis projects.” - Dr. Jessica Moon

Continued development in  ScholarWorks’s accessibility as a professional platform for academic research better promotes the knowledge, creativity, and innovative spirit of UNI’s community--500,000 downloads from UNI ScholarWorks is only the beginning.

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