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Library Ambassador April Spotlight

Posted 04/05/2019



At the center of Rod Library’s student involvement, Library Ambassadors volunteer at events with the library and promote resources to current and prospective students at browsing fairs as well as other university-related events across campus. In these weeks leading toward the end of the semester, we would like to introduce one of these exceptional students, Silvia Pellegrino.

Silvia is a senior majoring in political science and global studies, and she’s pursuing a minor in international affairs. This is her second semester as a Library Ambassador. During this time, she’s enjoyed learning more about different resources for students at Rod Library and enjoyed sharing with other students and faculty members: “Rod Library offered me so many resources throughout my time at UNI, and I am such a better student because of it; I wanted to make sure other people experienced the same benefits. As an ambassador, I have loved sharing the existence of ScholarWorks with professors and other students to educate people on the possibility to share their research and see their hard-work accessible to others.”

In addition to sharing resources with faculty and students, Silvia said the librarians have been integral to her learning: “I only use Rod Library sources to write my papers and have learned how to find in-depth information on anything I have needed. I’ve also learned about some databases, including Kanopy, Interlibrary loan, and the library guides--I greatly benefited from these. I never would have developed such passion for research without using the library’s resources; this will be of great help once I get to graduate school.”

In concluding comments about her experience as a Library Ambassador, Silvia shared about Rod Library’s role in her undergraduate career: “When people complain about the university being too hard, they are likely neglecting all the resources that they can access at the university that are included in their tuition. I used to believe that researching for papers was complicated; thanks to Rod Library and the Academic Learning Center, it became easier and became a passion.” Library Ambassadors Leader Julie Ann Beddow was glad to speak of Silvia’s contributions to the ambassador team:

“Silvia began the program recognizing the need for effective communication about the library to other students. She is engaged at meetings as well as behind-the-scene activities. We toured the UNI ScholarWorks unit, and Ellen Neuhaus explained several parts to Silvia including the undergraduate Honors Program thesis listings. Silvia said that she will work harder on her thesis now, knowing that her paper can be seen around the world. She also will tell other students about the fantastic services from ScholarWorks.  

In the past year of service, Silvia has represented Rod Library as a true ambassador by showing up, signing up and recognizing the need of the library in her life. She is a real library aficionado. I am fortunate to have experienced a good year of service with Silvia Pellegrino.”

Special thanks to Silvia, and be on the look-out for next month’s Library Ambassadors spotlight.

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