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World Kindness

What is World Kindness Day? 

World Kindness Day is apart of the World Kindness Movement where people attempt to make the world a better place by promoting good deeds and pledging acts of kindness. Currently, this day is celebrated in over 28 countries all over the world by individuals and organizations who want to support this cause. 



World Kindness Day is an international movement, introduced in 1998 by a coalition of nations’ kindness NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations). It was first formed in 1997 by Tokyo Conference of like minded kindness organizations. Many other countries and organizations started to follow close behind this movement, incorporating other NGOs that supported the same message. 


What YOU can do! 

  • Make it known: Spread kindness, where ever you go, to whoever you meet

  • Execute a random act of kindness: You can do something as little as opening a door for somebody, or something as big as paying for somebody's coffee

  • Keep being Kind: Be kind in your everyday life 

  • Be genuine: Make sure your act of kindness comes from an honest place 


10 Intentional Acts of Kindness 

  1. Text somebody and tell them you’re thinking about them

  2. Hold the door open for somebody 

  3. Offer your help

  4. Be a good listener 

  5. Go out of your way and thank somebody you appreciate

  6. Ask somebody how their day is 

  7. Give an honest compliment 

  8. Put a coin in an expired meter 

  9. Pay for the person behind you

  10. Let somebody go ahead of you


If your want to learn more, visit the Inspire Kindness page! 

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