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Hidden Gems: Digital Scholarship Move

Posted 02/11/2020


Rod Library has some of the most amazing features that not many people know about, and it is time to change that. We are so excited to introduce our new Hidden Gem Blog series, where our mission is to shine some light on the one of a kind resource, services, and support Rod Library has to offer students and patrons. 


Kicking off this series, we wanted to start off announcing the news of the expansion of the Digital Scholarship Unit here at Rod Library. The Digital Scholarship Unit has moved to the first floor of Rod Library, Room 125, near the UNI Museum. Just last week, ScholarWorks reached over 1 Million downloads from around the world! Congrats, Digital Scholarship Unit staff, and thanks for all of the hard work and dedication to making Rod Library one of a kind! 


The Digital Scholarship Unit values student success, and with sharing student and faculty work globally, it brings a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to the work they are producing. This feeling of impacting others globally spreads like wildfire across campus, motivating more and more students to create work and research that could potentially benefit somebody across oceans. We see amazing outcomes from the digital scholarship unit time and time again. Just recently a university student in Spain emailed Digital Scholarship staff Ellen Neuhaus and Bill Maravetz commending ScholarWorks for its wide range of research and easily accessible site. 

Moving to a more public area has opened the doors for future collaborations with students and faculty. The Digital Scholarship unit has consistently gone above and beyond in giving new life to articles and works created by UNI’s students and faculty. 


The Digital Scholarship Unit oversees UNI’s institutional repository and UNI ScholarWorks. A university repository is an online tool used for collection, preservation, and providing access to UNI works by students, faculty, and staff. UNI ScholarWorks has grown to over 23,000 works that are accessible to everyone all over the world. The increased readership and feedback Rod Library have received show how the scholarly works available via ScholarWorks are impacting on other researchers aiming to solve pressing societal and scientific challenges. The repository demonstrates student success by UNI by showing the global reach and impact of UNI and its many programs.  


Want to learn more? Visit the Digital Scholarship page.

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