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Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon: Women In Red

Posted 03/09/2020


What are Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon events?

Wikipedia Edit-a-Thons are editing events Rod Library hosts for students to add, change, elaborate, review, and cite information on Wikipedia's Online Encyclopedia. Wikipedia events focus on topics including Art, Feminism, LGBTQ+ Community, People of Color, and other underrepresented people and issues. 


Women in Red

On March 10, 6 p.m.-9 p.m. LIB 324, Rod Library and UNI Feminists will be collaborating and hosting Women in Red: Wiki Edit-a-thon in honor of Women's History Month. Women In Red is focuses on improving systemic content bias in Wikipedia. Striving to create content about women, and increase the 15.5% of women biographies on Wikipedia. Everyone is welcome to contribute and participate in this event! 


During all Wikipedia events, the purpose is to update and produce content that is unbiased, correct, and give students the experience that will make them successful individuals. Individuals who participate in this event help to collate Red linked articles to make it easier to find and create missing pieces. From then on, Redlink articles turn into bluelink articles meaning the page has been updated or created with the correct information.

Women In Red Logo

Why we do this

Wikipedia Edit-a-Thons give students the chance to make a change in the everyday lives of people. Doing something as small as correcting bias or untrue information can create a widespread impact by broadening mindsets and educating the youth. Besides changing the world one edit at a time, UNI Students are also taking part in the movement of equality for men and women. Rod Library values equality for everyone, being a place of inclusion and diversity; we want students to feel they are contributing to a cause where they can make an impact beyond UNI's campus. 


What to bring? 

  • Laptop ​
  • Power Cord ​​
  • Ideas for entries that need updating or creating



So please, come and join us! This event is free and open to all. 



What are some upcoming Edit-a-Thons in 2020? 

March 28th: Diversity in Comics 

April 14th: Representation Matters Celebrating the 19th Amendment

April 21st: Art & Feminism

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