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World Kindness Day 2020

Posted 11/13/2020


 What is World Kindness Day? 

World Kindness Day is one day dedicated to the World Kindness Movement, where people are motivated and inspired to take time out of their day and promote good deeds and pledging acts of kindness. This national holiday is held annually on November 13.


Why should you celebrate World Kindness Day? Happy Face

Everybody should take time to celebrate and acknowledge kindness EVERYDAY. Being kind should be as frequent as washing your hands. If being kind is like hand washing, then the world needs it now more than ever. As 2020 has been a very unconventional year, people have been feeling overwhelmed and forgetting to take time out of their day and check up on one another, even if it is just sending a quick text. 


Spreading Kindness on Campus

Rod Library believes inspiring kindness is essential to making our campus the best it can be with the type of students who celebrate everyone for who they are on our campus. Being kind is an everyday type of thing and should be observed and practiced! Therefore we encourage all of you to go out into the world and be KIND.



World Kindness Day is an international movement, introduced in 1998 by a coalition of nations’ kindness NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations). It was first formed in 1997 by the Tokyo Conference of like-minded kindness organizations. Many other countries and organizations started to follow closely behind this movement, incorporating other NGOs that supported the same message. 


Socially Distant Acts of Kindness

  1. Donate masks to the community 

  2. Drop off baked goods to friends or family 

  3. Volunteer 

  4. Write a letter to a family member 

  5. Tip your delivery driver over 25%

  6. Pay for somebody ahead of you

  7. Take a walk outside 

  8. Thank all the hardworking people around you

  9. Practice self-care 

  10. Fill the meter for the next person


If you want to learn more, visit the Inspire Kindness page! 


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