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Celebrating Black History Month

Posted 02/11/2021


As February continues, Rod Library feels it is vital to continually support and advocate for the black community here on campus! We want to show our support by giving students resources to learn and highlight the work students are doing in the black community! 

We have all been living in very unconventional times but want to continue to create and carry on essential events while abiding by COVID guidelines. 


AA Read-In

Rod Library held their annual African American Read-In for elementary students throughout Waterloo and Hudson community school district first graders. This event was held virtually on Thurs, Feb 11, 2021. This read-in is held in conjunction with the African American Children and Families Conference. 


For more information, visit  


Social Media Highlights 

All throughout February, Rod Library will be highlighting important black influential figures throughout history! Keep an eye out on our social media for different posts and stories! 


Follow our social media to keep up to date! 

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    Twitter: @RodLibrary


Melanin Pillars of Excellence

Hayle CalvinRod Library honors Black History Month with prints by Hayle Calvin, UNI Graphic Design Major. She said, “This project highlights African American women who have impacted the U.S, These are just a handful of the many black women who achieved everything society told them they couldn’t. This display means that girls like me can accomplish anything we set our minds to.”The display offers a local hero from Clinton, Iowa, former mayor 1995-2007 LaMetta Wynn, Calvin’s grandmother. Go check out this display located near the main entrance. 


Diversity Display 

Near the Book Bistro, there are various movies, books, and much more for students to check out for Black History Month! 

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