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Check Out the Changes in the Library Website

We're excited to launch the latest updates to the Rod Library website!  Here are the major changes to the user experience:

1. The login prompts have been removed from the homepage, as they were confusing to some users. 

2. The Databases A-Z pages have been moved to their own separate website, for increased reliability and availability.

3. We created a new Student Employment Portal for processing new student job applications, and pushed all student employment content to that portal.

User Account Capability

This week we launched library login capability to the public; this was necessary for allowing users to track 3D print requests.  Over time, we'll look to add additional connectivity services 'single sign on' experience for many library services.  

For users who regularly send in forms through the library website, filling them out while logged in, will allow some fields (like name and e-mail address) to pre-populate...saving you time in submission.  


Help Rod try out Digital Theatre Plus!

We have a trial subscription to Digital Theatre Plus until June 5th;  it's like Netflix for plays and other theatre performances, and is a great learning tool for those involved in stage production.   Rod Library is evaluating this service on behalf of UNI, and would love your take on it!

Feel free to leave your opinions about the service (selections, display quality, etc.) in the discussion area below, or as comments on our social media channels!   Thanks in advance for the help!      

Makerz crafting group - every Friday at noon!


Makerz is a weekly group where people can come together and work on creative projects at noon on Fridays under Dichotomy in the Rod Library. It seeks across-campus involvement in order to promote individual creativity. We welcome students, faculty and staff. Makerz aims to become part of the proposed library makerspace. All are welcome to attend and work on creative endeavors.

For more information, contact

GeoCache for Cash - April 20th-25th!

Rod Library will be hosting GeoCache for College Cash, a Money Smart Week event, from 11 am to 1 p.m. on Monday, April 20, in the east lobby. To play, students are invited to read 7 posters on personal finance topics and answer 7 quiz questions using their smartphones. You'll be competing state-wide for a $1000 scholarship. Sponsored by Rod Library and the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center, in conjunction with Money Smart Week. 

Tech Tip: Use sound generators to aid in studying and concentration

Background noise has a significant impact on our ability to relax, concentrate, meditate, and sleep.  Rod Library provides spaces for those who want either silence (fourth floor) or a little chatter (second floor) while they work.    

Several free Web-based noise generators are also available, if you're looking for a particular background sound while you study, or to set a particular mood for your classroom or office.

Try out our Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Artemis Bridge Screenshots

Thanks to all who stopped by to check out our first Artemis simulator run at RodCon!

By popular demand, we'll running Artemis as a de-stresser activity from 12pm - 1pm the Tuesday and Thursday of Finals Week (May 5 & 7, 2015).   Release your inner Kirk, Solo, Picard, Adama, Akbar or Mal Reynolds with five of your friends!

Though it's promoted as a fun party game,  Artemis is also an excellent teaching tool for: 


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