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Preservation Week.....Pass it on!

Preservation Week.....Pass it on!

Preservation Week is important to the Rod Library.  You might ask yourself why preservation is important. 

According to the Association for Library Collections and Technology Services (ALCTS), Libraries alone hold 3 billion items (63 percent of the whole) and some 630 million items in collecting institutions require immediate attention and care. 

Rod Library Special Collections and University Archives Division collects, preserves, and provides access to rare, valuable, and delicate collections of books, manuscripts, and institutional records.

LivePurpleGiveGold at Rod Library

LivePurpleGiveGold at Rod Library

Melissa Curtis is an undergraduate student at UNI and a current library student assistant.  

Why did you choose UNI?

UNI was the right size, campus-wise, for me. I wanted a university education but with a small campus, and UNI gives me that. The campus was beautiful and quite inviting. It's also close, yet far enough away from my hometown which was another big plus for me. 

New Digital Collections

Rod Library now makes available several periodical and newspaper runs in digital form. These were acquired with one-time money.  All of these titles previously were available in the collection only in physical formats, including print and microfilm.  We anticipate that the physical pieces will be put in storage or withdrawn in the future.  The following titles have been purchased and are accessible through OneSearch!:

​Art Gay-la!

Art Gay-la!

The LGBT* Center and Rod Library are partnering together to host this year's Art Gay-la. Be sure to stop by the lounge near the west entrance of Rod Library to see the art displayed from April 3-9. You can also vote for "Audience Choice," which will have the opportunity to be on permanent display in the LGBT* Center as a special featured piece. The voting box is located in the Art Gay-la exhibit.


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