Digitization/Scan, Holds, Recalls, and Search Requests

Scan/Digitization Service

Rod Library offers a digitization service for most of the circulating material in the Rod Library.  When logged into your library account, search for the desired title.  Listed at the top of the item in the library catalog, there will be a Request and a Request PDF of Book Chapter/Article option.  Click on the Request PDF of Book Chapter/Article option, and fill out the request form completely.  Rod Library is only able to fill partial scan requests that conform with Copyright guidelines.  Once the request is approved, the average turn around time is 24 hours for requests placed Monday-Friday.  The scanned files will be delivered to your email account. Visitors can submit partial scan requests here: https://library.uni.edu/digitization-request.


If the OneSearch screen displays a red X and a notice indicating that the item is "Checked Out" that means the book is checked out and due on the date shown.  You may ask us to hold it for you when it's returned by bringing your ID card and the book's call numbers to the Library Services Desk.  Once a hold is placed on a book, a recall notice is sent to the person who has it.  That person is entitled to keep the book for the full three-week loan period but may return it sooner knowing someone is waiting for it.  You will be notified by e-mail* when the book becomes available.  A pick-up deadline will be stated on the notice; if you have not come in for the book by that time, it will be returned to the shelves. You can also place a hold on a checked-out item by calling the Library Services at 319-273-2838.

Book Retrieval Service

We offer a convenient book retrieval service to our library patrons. If there is a book that you want to check out, but you are short on time, we will get the book and hold it at Library Services for you.

  • What is your book retrieval service? It’s a request for library staff to retrieve material from our collections and have it held for you.
  • Who can place a request?  Any UNI student, staff, or faculty member may make a request for us to retrieve material. 
  • What items may I request?  You may request any item that is eligible to have a hold placed on it, which includes stacks books, DVDs, CD's and laptops. You can request items in the Stacks, Textbooks, Curriculum Units and Activities, and Enrich collections in the HNI Corporation Instructional Resources and Technology Services. You may not request Reserve items, current periodicals, or non-circulating material such as Reference or Special Collections items.  
  • What if the material is checked out?  You can request to be put on the hold list for when the item is returned by clicking on the “Request” option near the top of the item's page in our online catalog. Please contact Library Services at (319) 273-2838 with inquiries,

Note: Patrons who have the book in their possession at the time we process page requests will have priority over requests. For example, if you request an item and a student comes to the desk with that item in their hand, they will be allowed to check out the item ahead of you. In that instance, you will be added to the hold queue and will be notified when the item becomes available again.

  • How many items may I request at once?  For faculty members, the number is 50, and for P&S staff, Merit staff, graduate and undergraduate students 25.
  • When and how can I request material? You may do so online at any time via the “Request” option in the online catalog.  You may also call the Library Services at (319) 273-2838.
  • How long will it take to process my request? Requests will be processed and ready for pick-up within 24 hours Monday-Friday.
  • How will you notify me when my item is ready?  You will be notified via email.
  • How long will the material be held for me?  Items are held for six days, youth material for 3. IRTS material is held for 3 days.
  • Where can I pick up my item?  The Library Services Desk on the main floor or if it is an IRTS item, from the IRTS circulation desk.
  • What happens if there is a problem with my request?  If there is a problem we will send an email to your UNI email address explaining the situation.  Contact Library Services with concerns at libcirc@uni.edu or by phone at (319) 273-2838.


If you should receive a recall notice for a book you have checked out, please be sure to bring it back by the date indicated on the notice, as fine rates increase by .50/day for students and .75/day for faculty and P & S employees for failure to respond to a recall.  This is in addition to the regular overdue fine.  Also, your library checkout privileges will be blocked until all overdue recalled items are returned. Recall notices will be sent via e-mail.


If the items has an "Available" status on the One Search screen, but the item you want is not on the shelves, you may come to the Library Services Desk and request that we search for it.  Again, bring your ID and the book's call number.  Library staff members will begin looking for it before 1:00 p.m. on the following weekday.  If an item you've requested is found at that time, or on subsequent searches, it will be held for you at the Library Services desk and you will be notified by e-mail. Search requests may be made in person at the Library Services desk, by phone, or online.





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