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Loan Periods and Fines

Material checked at Library Services and Fine and Performing Arts

The following represents loan periods and fines for undergraduate students.  Faculty and Graduate students have extended check out privileges.  For information see Extended Loans page.

Note:  All patrons will be assessed the lost item fee, a non-refundable overdue fee and a non-refundable processing fee for items that have reached the maximum level overdue.  The attached table illustrates the individual rates. If a lost item is returned after a charge has been created, the replacement fee only will be refunded.  No refunds will be given and no replacements will be accepted after 1 year from due date.    Exact replacement will be considered in lieu of the replacement fees for most items. If an exact replacement item is provided, the non-refundable processing fee must still be paid. Fine rates for recalled items increase by .50/day for students and $2.00/day for faculty and P & S employees for failure to respond to a recall. Failure to return recalled items may result in loss of library check out privileges.  For Bill and Fine information for Faculty and Professional and Scientific staff members see Faculty Fine Rates.

Type of Material Loan Period Renewals Fine Rate Replacement Fee*


3 Weeks

3 week renewal until end of semester




3 Weeks

Once, for 1 week



Books-CFPL @ UNI

3 Weeks

Once, for 3 weeks



Films/Laser Discs/Blu Ray/ Video Guides

7 days

Once, for 1 week if not booked by another patron



$2.00 replacement charge for any CD/Video/DVD cases or enclosures therein, which are not returned

All Material -Youth

7 Days

Twice for an additional 7 Days (total 21 day checkout)


Youth Historical
Collection $40

Games 7 Days 7 Days 7 Days $45

Albums, C.D.'s,

3 Weeks

Once, for 1 week


Items with 1 or 2 pieces:  $35.00 plus $7.50 service charge

Items with 3 or more pieces:

Missing enclosures:

Interlibrary Loan


Contact ILL Staff

.50/day + any fines from lending library

Any fines from
lending library

U.S. Documents

3 Weeks

Weekly to end of semester




3 Weeks

Weekly to end of semester



Periodicals (Bound and Current Issues)


1 day




Course Reserves
(only enrolled students and faculty may check these out)
Varies - check with Library Services Desk No

$1/hr for 3 hour check out periods

$5/day for one day check outs

Permanent Reserves Varies - check with Library Services Varies $1/hr *





$25 for lost key

$2 for lost barcode tag

Listening rooms in Fine and Performing Arts Collection 3 hours No $2/hour $25 for lost key
Headphones  3 Hours-Building Use Only No $1/hr *
Remotes for TV/VCR,
Headphones, and
Listening equipment (located in Fine and Performing Arts Collection)
3 hours No $1/hour *
Laptop Computers 3 hours Once, for 1 hour $5/hour


Long Term Laptop Computers 1 week No $5/day $1,400
Chargers/Cables/Mouse/Clickers/Card Reader/Smart Brushes/Powerbank/Stylus 3 hours Once, for 1 hour $1/hour *
USB 3 hours No .25/hour $5
Optical Drive 3 Day No $1/day $45
Umbrella 7 days No .25/day $45
Projector 7 days No $2/day $800
Calculator 7 days No .25/day *
Art Supplies/Markers/Highlighters 3 Hours No $.25hour $5
Web Cam 3 days No $1/day $45
Nooks/Kindle 7 days Once for 3 days $3/day $177.50
Bicycle 3 hours no $1/hour $645
Bicycle light kit 3 hours no $1 $35


* replacement fee will vary.  No refunds will be given and no replacements will be accepted after 1 year from due date. Items that have been declared lost will have a non-refundable $7.50 per item billing fee and a non-refundable per item overdue fee. 


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