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Departmental Binding

UNI Departments can have paper copies of theses and dissertations, as well as other office-copy books or periodicals, bound through the Regent Institutions' binding contract provider, HF Group. The HF Group has recently acquired Houchen Bindery in Utica, NE where the Regents' binding requests will be processed.

Please Note: Binding requests for a student's PERSONAL copy of their thesis or dissertation need to go directly to the bindery's website at: departmental paper copies can be sent to the bindery via the Library.

Follow this procedure before sending or delivering your departmental binding requests to the Library:

  1. Fill out the HF Group binding form for each author and/or cover color--Please note the following cover colors have been discontinued and will no longer be available for future orders: Dark Red (188), Orange (290), Gold (370), Lime Green (478), Plum (630), and Dark Grey (943). The bindery will stamp the spine with exactly what is requested on the form, so accuracy is a must! Please type the request instead of hand write it so the bindery understands exactly what you want on the spine.
  2. You MUST include your bindery departmental account number on the binding form in order for the bindery to process your request. This can be found on the top right side of the form. 
  3. Please insert a piece of colored paper between each thesis copy before placing in a box.
  4. Include the binding form inside on top. You should make a copy of the form for your records as well.
  5. Send this box via campus mail to Rod Library-Resource Management, c/o Binding at campus mail code-3675 LIB-240A; or you may deliver it to the Library. The Resource Management Unit entrance is located by the Book Bistro dining area. 

The Library will send your binding request to the bindery every four weeks with the scheduled shipment. Please note: The Library does not send items for binding during the summer.

When the items return from the bindery, they will be sent via campus mail back to the requesting department. The department will be invoiced directly by the bindery via email. If there is going to be a change in the departmental contact for emailed invoices, please notify Jackie Williams, Rod Library Assistant III (ext. 3-2860). You may also contact her with any questions or concerns with binding.

Cost for binding theses and dissertations is $9.50 per item, book binding is $7.35 and periodical binding is $10.00.

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