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Chapter 5: Expectations

Student and Employer Responsibilities

Employees must recognize that they have responsibilities as well as rights. The legal responsibilities of employees are to perform the work for which they were hired and to follow the Library's policies, procedures, and rules. The Library, as the student's employer, also has responsibilities to the employee. The Library should provide a safe environment and provide the student employee with clear directions for the Library's policies, procedures, and rules.

Basic Job Expectations for Student Employees

Good Service

  1. Place people before paperwork
  2. Always provide good, positive service
  3. Be available, identify yourself, and offer assistance
  4. Always be pleasant-no matter how busy you are

Adherence to Library Policies and Procedures

  1. Read the unit policy and procedure manual
  2. Always consult a supervisor before making exceptions to general policies
  3. Never discuss confidential library matters with non-staff, this includes patron records

Responsible Attitude and Behavior

  1. Take job seriously
  2. Perform work accurately
  3. Update time cards during each shift worked and submit in a timely manner

Positive Attitude

  1. Accept assignments willingly
  2. Cooperate with others to achieve mutual goals
  3. Contribute to a pleasant work environment


  1. Do priority work first
  2. Perform additional tasks
  3. Offer suggestions for improvement

Reliable Attendance

  1. Arrive on time
  2. Arrange for a replacement during anticipated absences, if required by your unit or area
  3. Notify your supervisor before your shift if you are ill or must miss your shift

Grounds for Dismissal

Very rarely do we encounter any problems with student assistants; however, occasionally the behavior of a student assistant will require his or her supervisor to refer to the following statement on "Grounds for Dismissal." It is your responsibility to be aware of these dismissal conditions and procedures. If you have any questions, please direct them to your supervisor.

You as a student assistant may be dismissed for any of the following reasons:

  1. Poor job performance.
  2. Refusal to do assigned tasks.
  3. Excessive tardiness or absenteeism from work.
  4. Failure to report to work for an assigned shift without prior permission from your supervisor.
  5. Unauthorized use of library materials, facilities, or supplies
  6. Unauthorized use of library equipment such as computers, photocopiers, fax machines, and telephones.
  7. Failure to maintain a positive service-minded approach toward patrons, staff or co-workers.
  8. Reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.
  9. Sexual misconduct.

In general, the three steps leading to dismissal of a student employee are:

  1. First written warning: student employee is issued a written warning outlining the violation of a work rule such as improper work performance, poor attendance and punctuality, misuse of property, unacceptable personal action, etc. If no further warnings occur for a time period of one year from the date the warning is issued, this warning will be removed from the student's record. If a second warning occurs within the one year time period, the first warning will remain part of the record.
  2. Second written warning: student employee is issued a second written warning about work rule violation and notified of consequence of termination if violations continue.
  3. Termination: Student employee is issued a written notice giving reason for termination. A copy of termination letter is forwarded to the Student Employment Office with any additional supporting documentation.

The three steps leading to dismissal do not need to be for the same violation. Certain infractions of policies and procedures, such as falsification of a timecard, will lead to immediate dismissal.

Student Assistant Evaluations

Student assistants are evaluated at the end of the first semester of employment and thereafter a minimum of once a year, at the end of the fall semester.

The evaluation form is designed to give the student feedback on his or her job performance. When a student terminates employment in the unit, the supervisor forwards all of that student's evaluations forms to the office of the Library Student Employment Assistant. S/he will transfer the rankings to an online cumulative record of student employment. The cumulative record is retained indefinitely and the evaluations are kept for 5 years after the student terminates library employment.

Students are evaluated on the following areas: Relations with Others; Attitude and Application to Work; Judgement; Dependability; Knowledge of Tasks; Quality of Work. The definitions given below provide the supervisor with a guide to use in determining student performance:

EXCELLENT--Consistently exceeds work expectations as set forth in job description. Student is eager, creative, fair, prudent, efficient, highly motivated. Student is adaptable, responsible, and dedicated.

VERY GOOD--Often exceeds work expectations as set forth in job description. Student is adaptable, responsible, dedicated.

SATISFACTORY--Meets and sometimes exceeds job description. Student can handle normal workload. Student occasionally falls short of goal achievement.

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT-- Does not always see what needs to be done. Lacks consistency in doing job. Wastes time and makes frequent errors. May find it difficult to adapt to changes in unit needs or pace of work. Needs frequent supervision and checking of work.

UNSATISFACTORY--Consistently fails to do what is required. Needs constant supervision and correction. Student disrupts the work of others.

Exit Questionnaire

Student assistants preparing to leave library employment are invited to fill out the online Student Employee Exit Questionnaire. This form, which may be filled out anonymously, provides valuable feedback and assists us in improving our student employment program.

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