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Card Association

Introduction to Associating an ID Card

You can now use your ID card to release print jobs from Panther Print Stations at Rod Library, IRTS Lab, and IT Labs across campus.  Your ID card must first be associated with your CatID or library guest account credentials. The instructions below explain how to do this.

Setting up Card Association

1. Locate a Print Release Station with a card reader at Rod Library or the IT Labs. 

Panther Print Station located in the library.

2. Swipe your University ID card or Library Guest Account ID Card at the computer’s card reader.

Swiping Card

3. If the card has not previously been associated, you will be asked to associate the card. Click "Yes".

This card is not registered with they system. Would you like to associate it with your account?

4. Enter your CatID and Passphrase to associate your account with your ID card, and then click Log in.

Sign in box used while associating cards.

5. Slide your card again to double check the account was associated successfully. 

Now that your account is associated with your card, you can release print jobs with your card.


Using Your ID Card at Panther Print Stations

1. Print from Rod Library or IT Labs or by uploading a document from your personal device through the Mobile Print web portal.

2. Find the building's nearest Panther Print Station.

3. Slide your ID card through card swipe reader at the station.

4. Choose which documents to print on the Print Release Station computer. 

  • Print one document at a time by pressing Print under Action
  • Print all documents by pressing Print All towards the bottom of the screen

Print Release Documents waiting to be released.

5. Collect your printed items!

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