Fax Service

Fax Machine located at Rod Library 

The public US and International Fax machine is located to the right of the Library Services Desk. 

Patrons can send a US fax for $1.75 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.  International fax can be sent for $3.95 for 1st page and $3.45 for each additional page. A credit or debit card is required for use.  Instructions for use are located on the Fax machine, however, if you have any additional questions contact the Library Field Tech Desk. It is also easy to send a fax online and not use the fax machine. 

Sending a Fax Online

Rod Library also subscribes to an online faxing service. Simply go to http://www.fax24.us, and follow the steps below. 

Step one: Click on the Send Fax link located in the top right corner.

Send a fax 

Step two: A new window will pop up you will need to enter your credit or debit card number, the fax number, and upload the documents needing to be faxed.

To upload paper documents feel free to utilize either of our KIC Scanners or our Copier/Scanner. All of which are located on the main (2nd) floor of the library.  

Once you have entered all required information, you may additionally enter your cell phone number to receive a text alerting you to when the fax has officially gone through.

 Adding cell number for notifications.

Step three: Lastly, you will click Send in the top right corner. If you would like to check on the status of your fax, and you did not enter your cell phone number, you may return to http://www.fax24.us and click on the link titled Check Fax Status/Resend Fax for Free.

Check Fax Status/Resend Fax for Free

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