Public Computers

Rod Library offers computers for public use in several configurations. The use of library-owned computers is governed by the Acceptable Use-Library Learning Space Computers policy.

Here is a link to our Computer Availability Map which shows the location of all public computers. The map on that page may be accessed only while connected to the UNI network. Those shown on the map with a red dot are the computers currently in use or being worked on by our Tech Staff. Those shown with a green dot are the computers available and open for use. The map also shows the locations of all print release stations in the library.

Public Kiosks

The library has four kiosk computers, one on each floor. On the 1st, 3rd, and 4th floors the kiosks are located near the main stairwell. On the main floor, the second floor, the kiosk is located to the right of the Library Services desk. These kiosks offer limited functionality, as they are intended to provide quick access to the library's catalog and provide a means for users to perform a self-service password reset.

First Floor

There are 7 public use computers on the first floor and 2 micro-scanning stations.  There is one print release station located on the first floor to the right of the stairwell, by the public kiosk.

Second Floor (main floor)

The second floor offers the widest variety of computers. A mix of dual and single monitor workstations (iMacs, Surfaces, Windows), as well as rooms for collaboration.  Forty computers are located in the open spaces on this floor.  Laptops are also available for check out from the Library Services desk.

There are three print release stations located on the 2nd floor. One is located along the main aisle near the east entrance, another in the center of the floor by the elevators, and the 3rd is just North of the West entrance. The color printer is also located on this floor and is next to the print release station near the elevators. 

Third Floor

There are 46 public computers on the third floor in the open spaces as well as 7 study rooms for collaboration.  These can be reserved via RodScheduler.  There is one print release station located near the main stairwell, by the public kiosk.  NOTE: the instruction room 373 is currently closed.

Fourth Floor

There are 18 public use computers on the fourth floor in the open spaces as well as 10 study rooms for collaboration.  These can be reserved via the RodScheduler, along with being able to see more specific information for each room.  There is one print release station located in the Fine and Performing Arts Collection.  

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