Hosting Exhibits

Rod Library encourages the UNI community to host exhibits within the library’s five designated public exhibit cases. Proposal forms, exhibit polices, and procedures can be found below. 


  • Written proposals are required for groups interested in using the exhibit cases, and should be submitted via the online form.
  • Proposals should describe the theme, content, time and duration of the proposed display. All proposals will be considered to determine which groups will be granted permission to use the exhibit cases.
  • The Library Exhibit Coordinator reserves the right to defer scheduling use of the case at particular times to allow for the consideration of different proposals. Ordinarily, the exhibit case will be booked no more than one year in advance.
  • The Library reserves the right, with proper notice, to reschedule any proposed exhibit if it conflicts with the Library's need for the exhibit space. An exhibit may be canceled at any stage if the exhibitors have not met the agreed-upon conditions and deadlines.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for mounting and removing exhibits on a schedule communicated by Library Exhibit Coordinator. An exhibit must adhere to Rod Library and University policies.

Designated Exhibit Cases

* Dimensions are listed in length x width x depth


Mounting & Removing an Exhibit

  • The Exhibit Coordinator will provide access to the exhibit cases and be responsible for the key to the case. After installing an exhibit, and before leaving the Library, the exhibitors should make contact with the Exhibit Coordinator to assure the case has been locked and unused materials returned. The Exhibit Coordinator will assist those mounting exhibits in identifying library materials suitable for inclusion in a display and assist with any loan paperwork or materials check out. Library materials in circulation may not be recalled for inclusion in exhibits. The museum will provide display equipment such as book stands, risers, pins, staples, etc.
  • Unique collections materials, such as those from Special Collections or the Museum, are subject to additional handling procedures and safety requirements. If the materials requested are unsuitable for display, appropriate substitutes or replicas will be provided.
  • Exhibits must include professional-looking signs and labels as well as identifying organizational information. The Exhibit Coordinator can assist with label creation, design, and exhibit installation. Exhibit materials must be submitted for approval to the Exhibit Coordinator prior to installation.

Security and Liability

All Library display cases are locked. However, the cases are glass. This places items in the cases at some risk of damage or theft. Rod Library will not be responsible for displaying items that are damaged or stolen. The University of Northern Iowa and Rod Library do not have insurance to cover the loss of or damage to display items. The person authorizing the display of her/his items assumes all risk of damage and loss. The person authorizing the placement of personal items in a Rod Library display case is responsible for personal insurance to pay for the damage and/or loss of items if necessary.

Contact Information

Library Exhibit Coordinator

Jess Cruz (273-2495 jessica.cruz@uni.edu)