UNI students, faculty and staff can easily access library resources and services from off campus. Your CatID is used for remote access into licensed library resources.

To search the Library's licensed resources from your home or work computer, you need to be a currently enrolled UNI student, faculty or staff member. From the Library's website when you click on any link to a licensed database, ejournal or ebook, you should be taken to the university CatID login screen. If you don't use the Library's website to get to different resources, you may be taken to a vendor's website where UNI's CatID system is not recognized.

EBSCO Access from Off Campus

Guest access provides a partial view of EBSCO search results to off campus users. In order to view full search results, click the yellow link (“Hello Guest, Login for full access”) at the top of the results page. This will take you to the UNI CatID login page. Accounts can be accessed from off campus and on campus.