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Digital Signage

I. Policy

The purpose of the Rod Library’s digital signage is to present information about the Library in particular and UNI in general. Rod Library and UNI departments, UNI student organizations, schools, faculty, or staff wishing to have content displayed on the digital signage should consult the Submission Guidelines (below).  Any person or organization that is not part of UNI must be sponsored by a UNI department or school. Proposals should be sent to:
The Rod Library digital signage may not be used for commercial purposes.  The library will not charge for this service.
Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Library’s Public Relations Committee.
The Rod Library does not necessarily endorse messages or views expressed in displayed content.

II. Submission Guidelines

The name or logo of the organization must appear on each posting.
All content must be in compliance with any and all applicable University of Northern Iowa Policies and Procedures. The Library reserves the right to decline content submitted for its digital signage if the Public Relations Committee judges it to be inappropriate or untimely. Each department or organization is limited to no more than 10 screens or PowerPoint slides on display at any one time. Requests for exceptions to this policy should be sent to the Public Relations Committee. Content created within the Library is given priority. Each person submitting a proposal will be contacted by a representative of the Library Public Relations Committee to let them know if their submission has been approved. After approval the desired content should be emailed to the PRC contact at least 1 week before the date requested for posting. Times of posting are subject to change.

III. Technical Guidelines

Announcements, messages and digital art can be displayed on the digital signage. These may include text, images, PowerPoint slides, and short video clips (less than 20MB).  However, audio is currently disabled for noise control. Supported file types:
Still images

  • JPEG (JPG)
  • TIFF (TIF)
  • GIF
  •  PNG

Image files will look best if submitted with the dimensions w1950 x h850 - pixels
Text size should be font 18 or larger. Using colorful and interesting graphics and minimal text often gives the best results for creating digital displays.
Rod Library does not and will not guarantee the appearance (readability, cut-offs, discoloration, etc.) of images, and reserves the right to require alterations and resubmission if needed. Rod Library will not design your artwork for you.

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