Rod Library welcomes gifts of books, sound recordings, videos, and other materials for the Library's collection. However, given the costs associated with reviewing and processing gifts, the Library seeks to acquire only materials that support the University’s needs. Gifts supplement the Library's purchase and licensing of materials, providing items otherwise unavailable, replacing lost or worn materials, or furnishing additional copies of heavily used resources.

Making A Donation

All offers to donate materials to the Library should be made by contacting the Resource Management Unit by phone at (319) 273-7255. During the initial contact with the donor, the size and general content of the gift, and its appropriateness for the Library collection, will be determined. In some instances, large collections offered by a local donor may be reviewed at the donor’s location by a librarian.

Ordinarily, the donor is responsible for arranging for delivery of any gift accepted for review to the Resource Management Unit of the Library. For collections located on campus, donors can make arrangements for delivery by Physical Plant-Transportation personnel.

Terms of Acceptance

Not all potential gifts of materials are appropriate for the Library's collection and some offers may be declined. Gifts are accepted with the understanding that the addition of materials is at the discretion of the Library. Materials that are accepted become the property of the Library and are subject to the policies and procedures that govern Library collections. A Rod Library Gift Donations form documents the agreement made with the donor, and any conditions associated with the gift.

Gifts accepted by the Library ordinarily are integrated into the appropriate collection. The Library does not maintain separate named collections except by prior agreement of the Associate Dean of Content Discovery and the Dean of Library Services. Virtual gift plates, accessible through the Library’s online catalog, may be created at the donor's request.

Acknowledgement of Gifts

All gifts are acknowledged by a letter from the Dean of Library Services. Titles received by the Library may be described or listed in the acknowledgment letter.  However, the Library cannot compile a detailed list of titles for a large donation or provide a reconstruction of the contents of a gift at a later date. Donors may wish to compile a list for their records prior to donation.

Federal regulations prohibit the Library from providing any appraisals or evaluations of gifts.  It is the donor's responsibility to assign a value for tax purposes or to have the donation independently appraised for this purpose.

Materials Generally Not Accepted

The Library does not generally accept donations of the following materials:

  • Items in poor physical condition
  • Books with highlighting, underlining or annotations
  • Advance reading copies or uncorrected proofs
  • Outdated or superseded titles
  • Elementary and secondary textbooks (except for HNI Corporation IRTS)
  • College textbooks more than 5 years old
  • Computer and software manuals
  • Mass market paperbacks
  • Condensed or abridged books
  • General encyclopedias
  • VHS tapes
  • Audio cassettes
  • Vinyl records
  • U.S. Government publications
  • Print issues of periodicals, unless needed to fill gaps in the Library’s holdings of a particular title

Disposal of Gifts Not Added

Gifts that are not added to the local collection may be returned to the donor if arrangements to do so are agreed upon at the time of the initial donation. Materials also may be offered to other University departments or state institutions, sold through used book dealers, or discarded.

Adopted: March 2017