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Noise Policy

General Information

Rod Library provides a variety of study and academic work environments for library users. To ensure that we meet our users’ needs this Sound Policy was created to give guidelines on the acceptable sound levels of our spaces. All library users are responsible for choosing an area in the building that bests fits their academic and research needs and show consideration for others. Users should not choose areas where their work will disturb others or where the permitted activities of others may disturb them.

CELL PHONES: Library users should set their cell phones and pagers to vibrate when entering the building. Stairwells should not be used for phone conversations. The noise from voices in the stairwells is disruptive since it is amplified and broadcast to all floors and those sitting in the adjacent lounges.

HEADPHONES: Headphones should be used to listen to sounds or audio on portable devices or computers, unless you are in a listening and viewing room or seated on the second floor. Sound or audio should be played at a level so as not to disturb those around you.

TOURS AND SPECIAL EVENTS: Some noise is to be expected during tours and special library events. When possible, tours and events will be announced through the Library’s social media and homepage in advance.

Please report disturbances to Library Services on the main (second) floor, call 273-2838, or text 319-250-4100. Ear plugs are available at Library Services upon request as needed.

First Floor - Medium Sound Floor

Medium Sound FloorGroup viewing rooms, study tables and carrels, and booths are located on this floor which also holds the Periodical Collection, Government Documents and Maps Collections, and UNI Museum.

  • Conversations are permissible with low voices.
  • Cell phone texting and talking with low voice levels are allowed.
  • Group work is permitted.

Second Floor - High Sound Floor

High Sound FloorActive learning takes place on this floor, which has a large number of collaborative work stations, tables, booths, and a few group study rooms. The Learning Commons, Digital Media Hub, Book Bistro Cafe, and Reference Collection are located on this floor.

  • Conversations are permissible at reasonable indoor speaking volume.
  • Group work is encouraged on this active learning floor.
  • Cell phone texting and talking at reasonable indoor speaking volume are permitted.

Third Floor - Medium Sound Floor

Medium Sound FloorGroup study rooms and lounges, including the Multipurpose Room, tables, and individual study carrels are located on this floor, along with the Special Collections and University Archives, Youth Collection, CIEP & ESL Collection, and the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning office.

  • Conversations are permissible with low voices.
  • Cell phone texting and talking with low voice levels are allowed.
  • Group work is permitted.

Fourth Floor - Quiet Floor

Quiet FloorThis floor contains many individual study carrels, study tables, and group study rooms. The Fine and Performing Arts Collection is also on this floor.

  • Whispered conversations are permissible.
  • Cell phone texting is permitted.
  • Individual work is permitted.
  • NOTE: Medium Sound is acceptable in the Fine and Performing Arts Collection.

Note on Group Studies:
Medium Sound is permitted in group study rooms, which are located on all floors of the building. These rooms are not sound proofed and noise will travel to bordering study rooms and to the open areas near the rooms. Groups or individuals in study rooms who are disruptive will be asked to comply with this Sound Policy. If further complaints are made the individuals may be asked to give up their study room or leave the building.


Access Services Unit
Adopted or Revised Date
Approved, Library Administrators Council, November 17, 2014
Review Date
August 2, 2019
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