Accessible Study Room

The assistive technology study room is available on the 3rd floor, LIB 315. Users can reserve the room using Rod Scheduler.

Assistive Technologies

Additional information on assistive technology software and hardware in the library is found on our website.

Drinking Fountains

Wheelchair accessible drinking fountains are located on three floors.

  • 2nd, main, floor: east side near restrooms
  • 3rd floor: east side near restrooms
  • 4th floor: east and west sides near restrooms


The library has two elevators located in the center of the building with Braille signs.

Evac Chairs

Evac chairs may be used to evacuate individuals in an emergency situation who are unable to navigate the steps. The chairs are located at the top of the east, west, and south stairwells.


Individuals will be shown a map at the time of reserving a locker and can specify a height at checkout.  


Accessible restrooms, with wheelchair-accessible stalls, are located on the east and west sides of the 4th floor of the building.