Graduate Student Study Rooms - Policy Statement to Users

Study rooms are available on the 4th floor of the library for graduate students to use for individual research and study.  The following is the policy statement for use of the spaces.

User Policy Statement

  1. Graduate Student Study Rooms are for currently enrolled, degree seeking graduate students.  
  2. The Study Rooms are available only when the building is open.
  3. The rooms are assigned on a semester by semester basis.  Individuals must apply for the fall and spring semesters separately.  Rooms are not available during summer.  If you need to vacate the study early please contact the Dean's Office so that we may re-assign the room.
  4. The studies are to be used only for individual study, research, and writing, and not for meeting or working with others.
  5. The room and key should only be used by the individual assigned to the room and not shared with others.
  6. Be considerate of your neighbors and those in the study spaces outside your room.  The walls are not sound proof so music and phone conversations will carry to others if they are too loud. 
  7. Be sure to keep the room locked. The Library is not responsible for personal items left in the room.
  8. Check out library materials you are using, even those you keep in your study and do not take out of the building.  Studies are checked occasionally by Library Services desk assistants to make certain that we have proper records for all library materials in the rooms.
  9. Use only the furniture currently in the room.  Electric heaters and extension cords are not allowed in the rooms.  Keep your room tidy.  You are responsible for emptying your mixed recycling and landfill cans into the larger bins on the 4th floor.  
  10. Nothing should be hung on the walls.  This is a temporary use study room.
  11. A lost key will result in a $25.00 charge from the Key Shop and an approximate $100 charge to re-key the door to the space.

Adopted or Revised Date:  Proposed 1/31/2024
Review Date: 3/20/2024