Upon request, Rod Library provides space to the campus community for the posting of UNI related posters, advertisements, and brochures. Those requesting the placement of table tents, posters, brochures, etc., must be a UNI sponsored student or departmental organization. All items must be approved per the categories below. Non-approved items will be removed.  

Information and a policy on digital signage is available on our website.

1. Posters

Groups may request that posters be displayed in the glass case in the vestibule of the Library. Items posted may include UNI sponsored events or UNI program or class information. Posters should be dropped off at the Library Services desk (273-2838) near the east entrance.  

Items which may not be posted include job ads from other UNI departments or off-campus employers, promotional materials for candidates for UNI, state, or national elections, religious ads or endorsements, private individual ads, and private business, commercial or industry ads.

The posting of announcements and advertisements on doors, walls, or glass is prohibited; such items will be removed and disposed of.

2. Table Advertisements

The Library owns six-sided table displayers which can be reserved for no more than two weeks at a time. For more information and to reserve the table displayers, please see our information page.

3. Banners

Due to limited wall space on the main, the library does not accept requests for hanging banners. 

4. Brochures and Bookmarks

Brochure holder in Learning Commons

Rod Library has a designated area to display brochures and bookmarks from UNI departments and offices. This brochure holder is located to the right of the brochure holder for Rod Library’s and The Learning Center’s brochures and bookmarks in the Learning Commons (main floor).

Requests to add materials to the additional brochure holder should be made through the Learning Commons Coordinator, Gail Bunz (gail.bunz@uni.edu or LIB 249). 

Rod Library reserves the right to deny or delay requests for placement of materials based on available space.

East Entrance Information Table

Rod Library also makes available the temporary use of the information table at the east entrance to UNI departments and offices. To request items to be placed on the table, contact the Learning Commons Coordinator, Gail Bunz (gail.bunz@uni.edu or LIB 249).  

Adopted or Revised Date: 02/28/2013 (rev. 8/21/2013; 3/12/2015, 7/13/17; 3/9/2018; 5/15/2019)
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